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Ever take a peek at what These easy, seasonal desserts are filled with cozy, Pasta e Fagioli is hearty, filling, easy and inexpensive to make. This gluten free soup recipe is the epitome of No problem! Gluten Free Baked Ziti calls for just 5 ingredients. This easy, cheesy, satisfying gluten free dinner recipe will be a hit with kids and adults alike! Hiii, hi hi hi hi!! Oh my goodness I Pachinko the machines and the gaming economy that runs because of it is thought of as part of the underbelly of Japanese culture. I remember seeing the pachinko machines when I visited Japan back in the s.

So the book infers, much of pachinko is even controlled by a kind of Japanese mafia and certainly has no status if you work in the pachinko arena. Wealth, yes. Status, no. But still worth knowing and reading about the subject. The book is not about the justice system or his wrongful conviction. Not at all. Much of this story is told through the letters that Roy and Celestial write each other during and after his incarceration.

I remember when she was involved with Burt Reynolds, but knew nothing about her dysfunctional coming of age. She spends a lot of time discussing the very young years and her perverted step-father. I really liked the book; really enjoyed reading about how Sally throws herself into her tv and film roles over her life.

Well worth reading if you enjoy movie star memoirs. The family survives only because some of the townspeople offer to help them learn how to live through an Alaskan winter, which is not easy.

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Some pages were hard to read. The book touches on some very current social issues and is so worth reading. Although difficult at times, as I said. I think it would make for a good book club read — lots of survival issues to discuss, let alone the other social problems that ensue. Recently finished reading a book for one of my book clubs. Most of it takes place in Tangiers, in the s. Alice and John have moved there, newlyweds, when Lucy Mason shows up.

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Lucy simply moves in. Not really by strict definition. Is it a mystery? Not quite, although there are several murders that take place. What a story. An unexpected twist of fate lands August with two extra passengers for his journey, two half-orphans with nowhere else to go. What none of them could have known was how transformative both the trip—and the bonds that develop between them—would prove, driving each to create a new destiny together. Have a tissue handy at the end. One of my book clubs occasionally reads a kind of edgy book. This is one of them. Something never divulged, although symptoms of a civil war are mentioned.

A unmarried couple, Nadia and Saeed, are given the opportunity as others are, as well to go through a door this is the exit part of the title and to another place in the world — it takes but a second — to go through the special door. They go to England London , to a palatial mansion. Sometimes the power grid is sketchy. Another door.

And yet another. And finally to Marin County north of San Francisco. You follow along with the ups and downs of the chaste relationship of the two, this couple from a house to living on the streets. And the eventual dissolution of the relationship too. Hope is the word that comes to mind. The book is strange, but it won the Los Angeles Times book award in It made for some very interesting discussion at our book club meeting. Story: Jennifer Stirling wakes up in hospital, having had a traumatic car accident. But this is the life she was raised to have, so surely it must be worth living, underneath the strange, muted tones of her daily existence.

London, France, Africa and America all come into play in this story of a woman piecing back together her life in effort to understand what she has lost, and what she threw away. There is a bit of a time-hop from to I loved this book from page one to the end. Great read. The first 2 books are about Hadassah, a young woman in the time of the Roman Empire. When Jerusalem was overrun and destroyed, the Christians still alive were sent off and away, separated and derided and abused. Hadassah was one of them. The 3rd book in the trilogy is about a gladiator who is part of book 1 and 2, but not a main character.

These books are a fabulous read. Very worth reading. Even before she was captured on a winter day of violence and terror, she sometimes found herself in conflict with her rigid Puritan community. Now, her home destroyed, her children lost to her, she has been sold into the service of a powerful woman tribal leader, made a pawn in the ongoing bloody struggle between English settlers and native people.

Battling cold, hunger, and exhaustion, Mary witnesses harrowing brutality but also unexpected kindness. The story is riveting, and perplexing once she is traded back to her home. An excellent read.

Taylor Caldwell was a prolific writer, and one I read when I was younger. She died in , and this book, her last, Answer As a Man certainly delivers as her others did. All his life, Jason Garrity has had to battle intolerance and injustice in his quest for power, money, and love. His new hotel will give him financial security, the means to support a loving family and become an upstanding citizen. When family secrets and financial greed combine to destroy his dreams, his rigid moral convictions are suddenly brought into question.

Caldwell believed the banking industry was way too powerful, and often took aim at it, as she did in this book.

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It chronicles the life of a very poor, impoverished Irish immigrant to the U. He was an upstanding citizen, God-fearing, but maybe naive in some respects. Good book if you enjoy very deep character study. There are many twists and turns — is she going to inherit the family home — or is the man who has been caring for the home and his daughter the logical inheritors. Well developed plot with a happy ending. A good read. Celeste Ng is a hot new author. I read another of her books see below but this time I read Little Fires Everywhere.

There are so many various characters and plots in this book, as in her others. Emotions well up, waxing and waning on both sides of the issue. You may even find yourself changing your own mind about the right or wrong of a child raised with a natural-born mother albeit late to the raising or the mother the child has known since near birth. Ng likes to write books with lots of grit and thorny issues.

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Oh my. Please continue. Believe it or not, there is also quite a bit in this about literature. They take place in present day semi-wild west, and chronicle the fish and game warden, Joe Pickett, as he unravels another crime in his territory. A woman has disappeared, and the governor has asked him to figure it out. His books are riveting. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. Two of my friends have said the trilogy is her best.

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Thank you for my book and signing it and your nice comments. I got some butterfingers to make those brownies. They are one of the first things I made on my blog years ago. They need to be made again.

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